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Monthly Classes at Ruby’s Tumbling

45 min Class $65/month (1 x week) for 12 to 23 months (parent participation).
Children will explore climbing, jumping hanging,walking,balance,crawling & play with others their own age.

45 min Class $65/month (1 x week) for 24 to 36 months (parent participation).
Children will learn to improve their balance, coordination, flexibility & strength as well as develop confidence.

45 min Class $70/month (1 x week) for 31 to 36 months
This class is designed to prepare for Supertots 1. Parents will play a small role in
this class. The children will learn beam, bars, floor techniques, rope climbing,
gymnastics terminology and much more basic gymnastics. We will work on learning
the skills that are necessary to move on to Supertots.

45 min Class $70/Month (1 x week) for 3 and 5 year old.
The younger tots will learn to do basic Gymnastic skills, forward roll, backward roll, bars, beam, trampoline, rope climbing & taking turns.

1 hour Class $75/month (1 x week) for 4 to 5 years old.
The older tots will learn basic gymnastics with more challenges, and will learn to do cartwheels & handstands. This class will get them ready for the next level.

1 hour Class $75/month (1 x week) for 5 to 9 years old.
In this program children must have learned and mastered a basic forward roll. We will work on improving our skills and get more into learning intermediate gymnastic. Students must be willing to learn and be ready to challenge their bodies.

45 min Class $65/month (1 x week) for 1 to 3 years old.
Kids from 1yrs old to 3yrs old can enjoy playing together (bring your sibling)

$10 off 1st sibling & 20 off 2nd sibling.
No Refunds after the 1st Class.

$20 Drop-in Fee for IB-PW-PT-ST & IB/PW – $20 for A-ST, CW & A-CW Classes