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Monthly Classes at Ruby’s Tumbling

EFFECTIVE Feb. 1, 2022

45 min Class $75/month (1 x week) for 12 to 23 months (parent participation).
Children will explore climbing, jumping walking, balance, crawling & play with others their own age.

45 min Class $75/month (1 x week) for 24 to 36 months (parent participation).
Children will learn to improve their balance, coordination, flexibility & strength as well as develop confidence.

45 min Class $80/Month (1 x week) for 3 to 5 1/2 years old.
The younger tots will learn to do basic Gymnastic skills, forward roll, backward roll, bars, beam, trampoline, rope climbing & taking turns.

1 hour Class $85/month (1 x week) for 5 1/2 to 9 years old.
In this program children must have learned and mastered a basic forward roll. We will work on improving our skills and get more into learning intermediate gymnastic. Students must be willing to learn and be ready to challenge their bodies.

$10 off 1st sibling & 20 off 2nd sibling.
No Refunds after the 1st Class.

$25 Drop-in Fee for IB-PW-ST & CW Classes